As an island, Cyprus has a distinct European feel with something for every taste.

With its distinct European feel, Cyprus is an island with something for every taste. Whether you are looking for a sun and beach vacation, an exploration visit for walks in the stunning Troodos mountain ranges, a relaxation break, a family adventure or even a modern, cosmopolitan business location, Cyprus is considered an ideal spot!

Cyprus’ distances are easily manageable and towns are interconnected by modern highways. Visitors can easily rent a car, use taxis or bus services, to get to their next local destination.

You will always have a range of activities to choose from so that your trip is enjoyable and memorable!

City Vibes

Cyprus adopted the EURO as its currency in January 2008, 4 years after it joined the European Union. It is a country with six districts: Ncosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Kyrenia, and Famagusta with a total population of approximately 1.2million. Nicosia city is the island’s capital, located in the centre of the country and with a population of around 200.000 inhabitants. The country is known as the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite – the Goddess of love and beauty – and Cyprus’ rich history spans from the population and influence by Greeks, Assyrians, Egyptians, Romans, Persians, Arabs, French, Italians, Ottomans and British. The country’s diversity is apparent in culture, architecture and its people.

The major towns are Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos and there are two international airports located in the latter two. Cypriots are highly educated and multi-lingual and you will have no problems conversing in English with the locals.

Local Travel

Within the urban areas, buses run on fixed routes roughly every 30minutes. Timetables are available from tourist offices, local municipality information desks and online. Private buses are available at the international airports and intercity mini-bus services will help you with your travels. Rental firms provide the capability of renting a car or motorcycle, which allow visitors to move freely without the restriction of time and schedules. The main roads are well maintained and are a good connection between the main towns.


Stores cater for all tastes and requirements with new large shopping malls providing popular representation of major international brands. There are also plenty of smaller fashionable boutiques that provide an alternative to high street brands.


The food in Cyprus is always discussed! Large quantities, a huge variety and fresh local produce are always available at restaurants. Apart from the local cuisine, with the most popular being the meze – a series of small plates similar to tapas – the Cyprus market is influenced by an international cuisine. The food options, restaurants and street food are unlimited.


Nightlife fun is guaranteed in Cyprus. All cities have bars, nightclubs and pubs which promise an unforgettable time. Ayia Napa on the East Coast is internationally known as the main clubbing spot for the summer months and the ultimate party city. On the South Coast, Limassol has a popular area with bars and music. Dancing, great weather and funky spots provide for your magical evenings.
For those who are interested in live music, jazz, alternative and contemporary performances, the Cypriot art scene houses some superb performances.

Fun parks and waterparks

Time with the family is also important and what activities can visitors do with their young ones? Some of the most fun spots are waterparks and fun parks. A brilliant day can be spent at the waterparks which offer exciting rides and even relaxation pools. It’s a day out for the whole family and somewhere very near the beach too. Other attraction parks include animal farms, mountain action parks, cycling routes and more!


Apart from the larger cinemas available in major cities that show international movies and blockbusters, Cyprus has some smaller cinemas where both local and international documentaries are screened. The International Film festival has become an annual event each June, which brings together new and upcoming directors in various disciplines. They showcase their talent in short films, feature films, music videos, animation, dance and experimental video art.
Cyprus theatre brings to the stage local and international productions all year round. In the summer months, audiences have the opportunity to enjoy theatrical performances in open air theatres, including ancient Roman theatres, such as, the Kourion, a yearly opera performance at the Paphos harbour with the ancient castle to name a few. The yearly International Festival of ancient Greek Drama brings to the stage performances from travelling theatres across the globe that act out ancient Greek drama passages in traditional and contemporary performances.

Business Meetings and Conferences

With a focus on the service industry and its strategic positioning, Cyprus has become a popular destination for businesses to hold their meetings, conferences and seminars. Such business activities can be easily paired with breath-taking mountain or sea views. Conference and business centres are available to provide the highest standard of service and the most suitable solutions. Cyprus offers the facilities for domestic and international conferences and meetings, with a great assortment of possible venue sites. Businesses have the opportunity to combine business with pleasure by providing their audiences with trips to museums, archaeological sites, galleries and more. Corporate meetings become an experience to remember!